Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Class Blog

So, I have sold myself on the class blog idea.  I have decided to post the class content, discussion questions, extension material, and interesting thoughts on the blog for students to access to extend the classroom beyond the school walls.

Thus far, the biggest hurdle has been getting the students to follow the blog.  Although it hasn't been up for a month yet, I am still shocked that I have only gotten seven students to sign on.  I know a few other students have accessed the blog, but haven't made it part of their technological world.  I am hoping to see this change.

Since there is no guarantee that students have access to internet at home, I feel the need to limit the blog site to a summary of classroom content, and if I post extension material, I don't require kids to know it.  Therefore, I don't assess them on it.

So far, the biggest benefit of the blog has been for students who can't make it to the class.  I have a student on Home & Hospital instruction, and the blog has allowed him to keep up to date with what is going on with the class even though he cannot attend personally.  This will help make his transition back to class easier.

I do have to say that integrating the blog into my daily routine has been relatively simple.  I already create a digital agenda for each class, so it only required a few extra minutes to copy and paste it into a post.  The extension questions and materials were also digital, and copy and paste quickly put them on the site, too.

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  1. Your blog is such a great idea! I am having the same trouble with my Wiki. I do not have many students signed on! I cannot require them to use the technology, but I enjoy the possibilities of what it could be when I can have an entire class on there!

    Do you think you could post much of this same information on Teacher Ease if you continue to not have as many students utilizing this blog? I only ask because I'm having the same debate with my Wiki!

  2. I'm thinking that I just need to post the link for the blog on my CLC web page. That may solve the problem, as most students can't remember the web address even though I tried to make it simple. I've given it out so many times!

    I hate updating CLC, sadly. I find the blog really easy. I'm hoping that giving them time in a lab to actually bookmark it for themselves may change things. I'll keep you posted.